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Speaking topics:
Inspiration / Leadership / Teamwork / Storytelling / Achieving the Impossible / Motivation / Women's Leadership / Innovation / Moderator

Recent Speaking Engagements:
Women in Tech Festival, Silicon Valley Forum, keynote speaker. "Be an Everyday Radical."
Nasdaq Entrepreneurial Center, San Francisco. "How Women Succeed - Alpha Girls Style."
Morgan Stanley, New York, "The lessons of Alpha Girls and how women succeed."
Diligent Corporation, panel discussion on gender and women's success stories
15th Annual Women's Leadership Conference, The Conference Board, New York. "How women succeed in male-dominated industries."
Law firm Reed Smith's Women's Initiative Network, "Lessons Learned from Stories of Successful Women."
Girls Inc. Panel Discussion, New York City. "The importance of women's networks."
Computer History Museum, Mountain View. "Dynamic male-female collaborations in business."
Zuora - Subscribed 2019, San Francisco. Moderator, Diversity and Inclusion.
UC-San Diego, Rady School of Management "Fireside chat."

Notable clients/Events:
Keynote Oracle Modern Customer Experience; Northrop Grumman NGenuity Leadership Summit; 100 Women in Finance; QCon San Francisco; Think Big Festival; Singularity University Global Summit; Center for Human Imagination, UCSD; Google; Academy of Model Aeronautics

Alpha Girls:
Through tales of perseverance and grit, Julian illustrates some of the greatest untold stories of our generation, Silicon Valley's women pioneers. Julian provides a unique perspective on how women can be successful in the workplace and the boardroom. The ethos of the workplace is changing along with how one motivates and inspires creative women within business. She uses the powerful stories of these women to demonstrate the infinite power of confidence, risk-taking and decision-making to provide you with usable takeaways for success.

The Power of Storytelling:
The incredible power of story-telling can gain trust, build relationships and overcome hurdles. Building a great team lies on the foundation of the leader being able to construct the right story to build a resilient culture. As a company, a story is how we add value to our products and connect with our customers. Julian has been creating narratives from her days in journalism to telling the story of one of the world's leading billionaires. Learn how to build your story for maximum impact.

How to Make a Spaceship:
Lessons of the Unconventional: Bringing to life the stories of her New York Times best-selling book How to Make a Spaceship, Julian shares how failing forward, staying unwaveringly on course and unconventional collaborations have led to some of our world's most exciting innovations. On this journey, you will learn how to bring together characteristics you already possess to spark the innovator in all of us.

Be a hero in your own life:
The adventure of life is to keep looking forward. Bringing together lessons of a few of the world's leading innovators from her books Alpha Girls and How to Make a Spaceship, Julian explores how to find purpose, follow your passion (not the passion of others), ignore the naysayers, and subscribe to the belief "The day before something is a breakthrough, it's a crazy idea."

Oracle Keynote

Julian signing books at Oracle event

Julian speaking at QCon

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